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Welcome to our ultimate adventure!

The adventure | About us

The adventure

The first ones

Chugach Mountains - a 400 kilometer long range of mountains in the south of Alaska - many spectacular summits. Some of them never skied downhill. We want to be the first - at least on some of them.
Freedom with skies...
Last outpost

A flying start

We'll transport all the equippement to the most remote base camps with small aeroplanes. From base camp we'll climb the mountains with telemark skiis which give the most spectacular skiing down.

Heliskiing for dessert

After 6 weeks of back country skiing and climbing, Heliskiing is of course something we'll do for reminding our self of how wrong it is not to work hard for the height meters...
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About us

Øyvind Utby (30)

A handsome man Summit picture, Peru
Øyvind has grown up outside Ski. Despite this, ski has grown up inside Øyvind. He did his first 'drop' from the kitchen table when he was two years old. After this he has been hooked on adrenalin sports. However his nose has never been the same...
Summit ridge Ranrapalca, 6173 m Lofoten, Norway
His climbing was maybe peaked in 1994 by forming the route 'Kruttsterk' (grade 7) in Molladalen. However he has stayed very fit after the student life as well. Climbing- and skiing trips both summer and winter in South America, Europe and a lot in the Norwegian alps, has contributed to keep up the spirit and appetite for adventure and adrenalin sports.

Baard Ove Haakensen (31)

Another handsome man Mad mountain freek in Peru
Baard is raised in Sarpsborg, but fortunately at that time they had white winters and the day-charge in Kjærringåsen was less than a newspaper guy salary. Very young he was hooked on skiing, and by the age of eight he founded the extreme skiing group 'Deathrunners'.
Forflip Baard in Meribel
Baard has earlier had his periods of full time skiing. But five years in the consulting business in Accenture means that skiing activities has been limited to weekends and holidays. However, most of the spare time has been consumed on skiis in Norway, Europe and North America - never north of Canada.
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29.07.02: Multimedia fra turen fre 21 nov.


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